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" After a long and hard negotiation with the MSOs on the ICA issue between the MSOs and the LMOs and as directed by the honourable High Court of Bombay to the writ petition filed by MCOF in the interest of all the LMOs of India, TRAI drafted two such agreements, namely the Standard Interconnect and the Model interconnect Agreement that was presented and as per the interim order of the Honourable Court of Bombay was cosigned as a landmark historic event on the 24th July 2016, between Mr. Ajay Singh, C.S. and authorised personnel from Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd. And the Maharashtra Last Mile Network Owners. The deadline for signing these is 31st July 2016. The validity of these agreements will be one calendar year starting 1st July 2016."

For LMOs yet needing clarification on these, we have placed the said agreement copy here which can be downloaded, printed, filled and personally submitted with
1) two photographs of partners/proprietors
2) two copies of the Latest valid Postal Licence
3) two copies of 4/2/b license issued (valid or previous) by the Entertainment Duty office of your operation region
4) identity proof with proof of address.
5) rubber stamps of your company operating this business.
This applies to the entire cable industry community whichever the MSO/LMO.

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